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ECHO OF HIS CALL MINISTRIES is a registered Christian organization founded by REV. S. SAM SELVA RAJ that seeks to disseminate the Love of Jesus Christ and to cause transformation in the lives of people all around the world. Since its inception in 1969, Echo of His Call Ministries earnestly seeks to serve people irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender, ethnicity and nations. By the grace of God, the Lord had enabled us to be powerful instruments of change and hope. The ministry was able to effect profound change in countless lives from sin, sickness, superstitious beliefs, oppression and backwardness of social, cultural and spiritual natures. Echo of His Call Ministries serves the Lord and the Body of Christ for more than four decades and envisage doing great things for the Lord in the days to come.

The Lord had specifically commissioned the ministries to engage in the work of prayer and teaching. Touching Lives by Prayer and Teaching remain the cardinal features of this ministry. Echo of His Call Ministries is firmly grounded on the foundational and original teachings of the scripture and seeks to disseminate it in unadulterated form to the younger generation. Echo of His Call Ministries follows a methodical and systematic pattern of executing the ministries entrusted to its care. The foundational ethos of the ministries of Echo of His Call is By all means – At All cost – In any way – In every way – Save Some…" (I Cor 9 : 22).  It seeks to disseminate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to see total transformation in the lives of the people by the power of the Gospel.



By All Means – At All Costs – In Any Way – In Every Way – Save Some… (I Cor. 9 : 22)



Preach Gospel
Plant Churches
Produce Leaders
Promote Community Development

Prayer remains a powerful vessel of communicating hope and peace in the lives of people. Echo of His Call Ministries considers Prayer as a tangible way of relating to diverse sections of people and it offers prayer support to one and all continually and fervently. The prayer lines are available 24 x 7 x 365 days and by the grace of God, countless have been blessed by this ministry. Prayers are offered in person and over the telephone for the depressed and oppressed and many people young and old, rich and poor are delivered from sin, demonic oppressions and suicidal tendencies. Any one can call us at anytime over phone for prayer support.  Our Prayer Lines are as follows: (+91-44) 2852 8282, 2852 9293 and 2854 7766, Mobile Phone Numbers  (+91)98410 71852,  (+91)90924 62566 & (+91) 98410 71858.  The power of the Lord Jesus Christ is seen in action at all times.

Echo of His Call Ministries carries out the God given responsibility and ministry in and through the various regional, National and International Associate offices which helps us to carry out the vision and mission faithfully nearly for the past five decades. The coordination and synergy of the ministers who serve in various capacities and responsibilities helped us to translate what God had placed in the heart of His servant Rev. S. Sam Selva Raj. The following are the list of National Mission Centres that coordinates the functioning of the Echo of His Call Ministries. These centres serve as a vital link with the headquarters and help in the dissemination of the gospel in the remotest corners of this land and beyond. 


Our National Mission Centres :-


Jammu & Kashmir

Uttar Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh


New Delhi

West Bengal




Our wish and prayer is that God should use the Echo of His Call Ministries to be found in every State and Region of this country and beyond impacting people with the good news of Jesus Christ. The mission that the Lord placed in the recesses of the heart of the Founder to Echo His Love And Compassion To The Nations, we need partners who would network with this call of God and help in transforming lives across boundaries.

Echo of His Call Ministries is multifold and it seeks to serve the Lord with all of its abilities and skills and the following are some of the responsibilities that God had entrusted us to carry out this noble work of reaching the people with the Love of Jesus Christ.

The following are some of the ministries that God has given us.

1. Echo of His Call – Monthly Magazine in 16 Languages.
2. Multi–lingual Churches – Church Planting among various language groups.
3. Nehemiah Bible Colleges – Residential and Evening Colleges.
4. Basic Bible Correspondence Courses – Basic Courses in English, Tamil & Hindi.
5. Theological Certificate Correspondence Courses – Tamil & English.
6. Gospel Printing Press.
7. St. Paul’s Matriculation High School - Village English High School.
8. Seminars.
9. Field Trainings.
10. Gospel Crusades.
11. Great Commission Partners – Missionary Pastors all over India.
12. Community Development Services.

These are some of the primary functions and obligations of the Echo of His Call Ministries.


Our Latest Events

1. Ministry Among The Migrated – In the last year God had burdened us and the Ministries of Echo of His call to do ministry among the migrated. This primarily envisions ministry among the Odisha and Bihari language speaking people who work in the construction industry and other labour oriented industries in the metropolis of Chennai city. These migrants were often at the receiving end of society for they are victimized and abused by people. Most of them live in hapless and hopeless conditions bereft of the warmth of their community and solidarity of the people. Echo of His Call Ministries in particular remember these homeless and hopeless people in their prayers and seek ways and means to transform the lives of these people with the love and grace of Lord Jesus Christ. We meet them personally and help them understand the Love of Jesus Christ by small initiatives of prayer and support in terms of food and clothes. The prayer cells thus initiated with them slowly percolates into churches once they accept the Lord Jesus Christ and are initiated into the body of Jesus Christ. Echo of His Call Ministries not only serves the migrants but seeks to reach out to these marginalized communities back in Odisha and Bihar by taking initiatives of Church planting in these states. At the moment the Residential College trains young boys who are willing to serve the Lord in the hinterlands of Odisha and Bihar and help see the States transformed with the Love of Jesus Christ.



2. Nehemiah Bible Colleges : Our Nehemiah Bible College that seeks to raise committed and skilled work force to work in the Kingdom of God conducts its next round of classes from the 1st of June, 2015. The medium of instruction is both English and Tamil. Young and Aspiring people who are passionate about serving the Lord are welcome to join these theological and biblical studies to be equipped and empowered to serve the body of Christ. The Church needs adequately trained ministers to carry out the mission of God.


3. The Graduation service for the outgoing students for the year 2014-2015 will be conducted at 5.00 p.m. on the 13th June, 2015 at ICSA – Jivana Jyoti Hall, 107, Pantheon Road, Chennai-8.  35 students will be graduated, set-apart and sent for ministry to the Mission Field. The students are commissioned to do yeomen service for the Lord.



English / Tamil / Hindi / Malayalam / Telugu / Kannada / Gujarathi / Marathi / Bengali / Urdu / Oriya / Nepali / Assamese / Punjabi / Sinhala / Afrikaans